Slide Panel 1.1.2 released

Just updated the Slide Panel to 1.1.2. This one fixes the issue that has been bugging couple of our users: It removes an annoying popup, saying “This page contains element(s) blocking visibility of left Slide Panel…”.

I also tested the plugin with the latest WordPress release 5.2. Looking good!

Hello Slide Panel!

MojoPlug Slide Panel version 1.0.0 is published!

The starting point for the plugin came from a website project for a book publisher. There were some analysis telling that most of the current website visitors were using mobile browsers – a well known trend today. So I started to think of how to fit content to a limited space with intuitive user interface.

Slide panels looked really tempting. But after trying out some free plugins, I coudn’t find exactly what I was looking for – a simple and clean panel with smooth animations. The performance seemed to a problem especially with mobile browsers. After studying the issue I found out that there in fact is a simple technique that uses device’s hardware acceleration when available. Bingo!

You can download the plugin free from this site or from the WordPress plugin directory.

Enjoy! And read more about the MojoPlug Slide Panel.