Things with a bit of hoodoo

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This is me, celebrating a just painted outhouse.  "Hyyskä", as we call it here in Finland. Having a good time.

Same comes with painting with bits and bytes. It puts a smile on my face.

This site is dedicated to MojoPlug, my brand for quality WordPress hoodoo.

Take care,
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4 thoughts on “Things with a bit of hoodoo”

    • Hi Jeff!
      Great you like the Mojo 🙂
      A dynamic php list is possible, but there’s no built-in support in Mojo right now. There are probably couple of options, maybe easiest would be to create a standard WordPress widget that shows PHP list (requires some coding). Then you can embed the widget as any other widget to Mojo panel.

      cheers, More

  1. Hi,

    I want the panel open only for homepage and not on the other pages. User will open it manually. Is it possible?

    • Hi Shail!
      If you have a standard WordPress site, this should be possible by setting the “Target element” to “.home” in Mojoplug settings.

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